Our Advice Process


1. Discovery

This initial discovery meeting is our shout.

In order to gain a deep understanding of your lifestyle and financial goals, we ask the right questions and identify areas of growth in your finances. We look at cash flow, assets, debts, superannuation and existing protection in place. This discovery meeting is also a chance for you to understand what we are about at Fern Financial.

2. Focus

Now that we understand your current financial situation, we define the scope of our services and begin to focus on advice that will add value and ultimately help us to achieve your goals, together.

We finalise the advice fees in a transparent manner (something we pride ourselves on!) and ensure you are comfortable with moving forward.


3. Strategy

This is where you really see our expertise and knowledge. Now that we have a defined idea of what you want to achieve, we will develop a strategy for you to start reaching your goals.

Our collaborative approach means we talk through all the options together and finalise a personalised plan that suits you.

4. Advice

We will present our recommendations to you by way of a Statement of Advice that clearly details your specific strategy, investments, benefits and potential risks in an easy to understand way.

We focus on explaining all your financial options and will always make sure you understand each part of the strategy, empowering you to make informed decisions for your financial future.


5. Action

Working through all the documents and implementing all recommendations, we make this step easy and seamless for you. This may include making superannuation changes, consolidating funds, changes to banking facilities, establishing new investments and completing insurance applications.

We consult with your accountant, mortgage broker or solicitor to ensure all your needs are covered and the recommended strategy is in action.

6. Ongoing partnership

We partner with you into the future to provide ongoing advice, coaching and support.

We keep you updated on all changes to tax rules, significant legislation amendments or changes to investment markets that may affect you. We will be in contact with you regularly through a combination of face to face meetings, phone calls and video conferences but we also encourage you to contact us if your circumstances change.

For us, it's about an ongoing relationship. We love seeing you achieve your goals and we are always just a phone call away.