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Investment PLanning

Financial investments can be complex. Through extensive research, we simplify the process for you. We provide a number of recommendations with a focus on finding the most appropriate investments for your circumstances. Our goal is to remove the complexity of shares, managed funds and property in order to meet your future goals.

With an authentic approach to financial advice, we always clearly communicate the benefits and drawbacks of all investments so that you are making informed decisions. We minimise your risk and endeavour to help you maximise your financial opportunities.


Cashflow Management & DEBT Reduction

Cashflow management is the first step to you achieving your financial goals. We help you to develop and maintain good financial habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

At Fern Financial, we create strategies to build upon existing assets whilst reducing and eliminating your debts. Our aim is to help you manage your cashflow without compromising your desired lifestyle. This is the first step to financial health.

Good cashflow management can have a huge impact on your financial future. Get this right and you’re off to a good start!  






Remove your stress about planning for a comfortable retirement with the experience and advice you need to grow your wealth through superannuation and retirement planning.

At Fern Financial, we provide solutions for long-term investment success and explain how funds can be invested across several asset classes in line with your individual tolerance for investment risk.

Your superannuation is one of the most tax-effective and significant assets you will own which means that understanding superannuation is a very important part of your wealth-building goals and retirement planning. Cut the to us today. 

Personal & business Protection

If something happened to you that left you injured and unable to work or provide for your family, how would your bills get paid? Personal risk insurance helps protect you, your family and your financial security. 

Our advice in this area includes protection in the event of death, disability, critical illnesses such as cancer or heart attacks, or in the event you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. We assess the level of insurance you need, how the insurance policies should be owned and how best to structure these policies to ensure the costs remain affordable.

We help you find the right cover for you and your family. 

We also provide advice for business owners to address business succession planning, business expense and key person insurance needs to protect your interests.



Estate Planning

Your estate is a valuable asset and for the family that follows in your footsteps, it can be an important financial legacy.

At Fern Financial, we help you establish your wills and powers of attorney by facilitating a relationship with a legal practitioner and being involved directly in the discussions to ensure you understand your options.

By giving you access to a team of qualified experts, you benefit from professional advice and thoughtful strategies that are designed to help you create and build a sustainable financial legacy.

Maximise the value of your estate and minimise any unnecessary tax obligations. Our professional estate planning can save you and your family thousands. 


Buying a house

Buying your first house can be a daunting and sometimes stressful experience. When it comes to your first home purchase, save the hassle and get all the facts straight. 

At Fern Financial, we have a series of steps to take that make this seemingly impossible dream a reality for you. We partner with you on the whole journey to make the process easier.

We can help, so get in touch today.